How to Get FREE Worksheets for Your Classroom

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Making worksheets for your students, regardless of grade level, is a long and tedious process. Most worksheet end up being put together last minute in a word document. Here’s how to find worksheets for your class that are already made, easily edited, and way cuter than any word document.

Using Canva to Make Worksheets

I use Canva for pretty much every graphic design need I have. It’s free to use with hundreds of pre-made templates and images for you to use. It lets you edit your work online and download it to the size and quality you need. Canva really is a teacher’s best friend when it comes to organizing a classroom and catching students’ attention.

To find free printable worksheets for your classroom, go to and make a free account so you can easily keep track of your work. Simply type “worksheet” into the search bar on the home screen and a ton of pre-made templates will show up. Choose whichever one fits your needs and edit it on the spot. There are a bunch of free design tools and some for purchase. Then save your download your design and print! It’s the fastest way I’ve found to make great worksheets in no time.

Using Google Drive Templates as Worksheets

If you aren’t using Google Drive yet, what are you doing?! Google Drive is a super easy and free way to create documents, share them with others, and collaborate with your students. On top of all the awesome feature that Google Drive offers, there are hundreds and hundreds of free templates on the template gallery that make creating worksheets for your class super easy. Some are made by Google and some are made by users. All of them are easily edited and can be downloaded from Google Docs to your computer.

The Google Drive template gallery also has a a ton of other free resources that can be used in your classroom. These include lesson plans, resumes, schedules, and even Excel templates for grading.

** This is NOT a sponsored post. Google and reserve all rights to their names and content. The are promoted based on my personal use and opinions on the services.

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