Tech Tools for a Modern Class

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It’s 2019 if you’re not using tech tools in your classroom, what are you doing?! Using technology in class helps to develop computer literacy skills in students of all grades and can be used in pretty much any classroom setting. Tech tools make your lessons more interactive and fun. What student doesn’t love the opportunity to pull out their cell phone and not get in trouble for it?

Here are a few of my favorite tech tools that make your class look super modern and fun:

1. Kahoot

Kahoot is an interactive assessment tool that lets students go head to head answering questions that you create. Students earn points for every correct question they answer and for how fast they answer. Plus, Kahoot comes with some pretty catchy music to get your class excited about the game. Kahoot is perfect for interest approaches, quick assessments, and as a review of content. If you don’t want to make your own Kahoot, you can search through hundreds of games made by other users. The best part is it’s free to use!

2. Quizizz

Another quiz game that students can join using their cell phones is called Quizziz. Quizziz not only allows you to create review games, but you can also create polls. This tool is really easy to use, and like Kahoot if you don’t want to create your own there are many many pre-made quizzes to choose from. Quizizz is also free to use, but you must prove that you are affiliated with an organization to create a teacher account.

3. Wizer

Tired of dealing with mountains of worksheets to grade? You need to check out Wizer! Wizer lets you create super cute electronic worksheets for your class. You can choose from a wide variety of question types from multiple choice to short answer. Selected choice questions are auto-graded so you can get grading done fast! This application is free to use, but your account can be upgraded to access more features.

4. Pear Deck

One of the easiest ways to make your PowerPoint presentations interactive and fun is to integrate Pear Deck. Pear Deck allows you to insert questions, polls, interactive maps, and so much more directly into your PowerPoints. You never have to close out your presentation. Answers are collected in real-time so you can immediately check for understanding. Pear Deck keeps students focused on your lesson and adds some excitement to lectures. Pear Deck is free to use.

5. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a super easy way to organize all your classroom assignments, grades, attendance, and announcements for your class. You can create your own page for your class that includes resources and assignments. Students are added to the class via email and can download the app to their phone to access assignments outside of school. Google Classroom is free to use with your Google account.

** This is NOT a sponsored post. Websites listed reserve all rights to their names and content. The are promoted based on my personal use and opinions on the services.

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