Life Tips from a Plant

1. Keep your roots planted firmly.

Arguably the most important part of the plant is the root system. This is how plants get most everything they need to survive and how they stay stable. Root systems can be huge and complex, like that of an old oak tree, or as small as the first root emerging from a seed. No matter the size of your root system, it’s important. Keep your foundation strong by remembering your purpose. Don’t let a little wind knock you over. Your morals, beliefs, and ideas are what keep you grounded and stable in this world that’s constantly trying to uproot you. Stay strong!

2. Drink plenty of water.

This seems pretty self-explanatory, but so often we forget to care for our very basic needs. Without water, most plants will quickly wilt and die. It’s such a simple task to water a plant, but that simple task is the difference in successful growth or failure for the plant. So, drink plenty of water. Take some time to care about your basic needs so that you can grow.

3. It’s okay to add a little fertilizer!

You can do everything right when gardening. You can water the exact amount, have the perfect soil composition, and precisely chosen seeds. Sometimes that’s still not enough for plants to reach their full potential. We lend our plants a helping hand and add some fertilizer to brighten them up and increase their yield. We can do the same for ourselves. Ask for a helping hand to give you that extra lift you need to reach success. Don’t be ashamed to need a little more to reach that goal.

4. Give yourself room to grow.

No plant is able to grow in a box. Plants grow in open areas where they can stretch out their leaves and bloom. Sunflowers shoot the sky and vines climb up walls, but they all need space to thrive. Humans are the same. Putting yourself in a limitless environment where you can keep moving forward is essential for achieving your goals. Surround yourself with people who push you instead of hindering you. Give yourself air to breathe and allow yourself to have an open mind to reach greatness.

5. Bask in the sunlight.

Golden rays of warm, soft sunlight: another simple but complex need of a plant. Plants will turn to face sunlight no matter where they are planted. Sometimes we need to slow down and take in all the light of the world. In the fast paced society we live in, it’s easy to get stuck in a dark corner and miss the positivity we need so badly. Seek out positivity like a plant seeks out sunlight.

6. Be adaptable.

Plants are really amazing. They can store water during droughts and go dormant in cold weather just to survive until spring. They don’t give up because the odds are against them. They adapt to their environment. This is why we have so many great varieties of plants in the world. They naturally adapt and share these traits with their offspring. Don’t let the little things that get thrown in your path stop you. Adapt.

7. Grow to your full potential!

Plants have one goal in life: to grow. They have a natural drive to get as large as they possibly can and produce offspring to take over the world. Now, that’s a little extreme for humans, but we should take this determination that plants have and use it to inspire us. You can achieve your goals as long as you know that you can.

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