“I believe in the future of agriculture with a faith born not of words but of deeds – achievements won by the present and past generations of agriculturalists; in the promise of better days through better ways, even as the the better things we now enjoy have come to us from the struggles of former years.” – E.M. Tiffany, author of the FFA Creed


What does this word – this simple, but oh so complex word – make you feel? Maybe it makes you reminisce about your childhood, growing up on a farm alongside nature and hearing age-old tales from you grandparents describing the days of tobacco and cotton. Maybe you imagine a setting from a children’s book with Old McDonald and his cohort of cheerful animals living disconnected from your world until you meet them in a grocery store. Or maybe, this word makes you fearful, concerned, or even angry. It’s understandable to feel this way. Between images painted by mainstream media and flashy headlines being shared by our Facebook friends, it’s difficult to unravel the truth. We are living in a society that is learning to fear the very industry that feeds it.

I decided to start this blog as a way to share what I have learned with others and to celebrate not only the agriculture industry but to focus on education as a tool to ensure the public is making informed decisions about agriculture in daily life. My purpose is not to sway beliefs or shame anyone’s preconceived notions, but simply to encourage discussion and exploration in such a way that benefits everyone. I aim to provide reliable resources for teachers, students, and anyone who wants to learn more about agriculture.

The name of this blog, Juniper & Basil, comes from my two kids who happen to be a dog and a cat. They are two caricatured enemies who have beat all odds and are the best of friends. Watching their relationship develop and thrive has taught me about personal connections in my own life. More often we need to put aside our cat and dog like fighting and find contentment within compromises. Their names are also just too cute not to use as the title.

What I hope to accomplish:

  • Providing agricultural tips and tricks – from backyard gardening to full on homesteading
  • Educating about various agricultural topics
  • Offering resources for agriculture education classes
  • Sharing recipes, DIYs, life lessons, and other fun stuff!

Thank you all for joining me on this wild ride. I can’t wait to see where it takes us!

Let’s build something together.