Shasta Daisy Care Guide

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Brief Overview

Leucanthemum x superbum, commonly known as the shasta daisy, is a perennial flowering plant mainly used in outdoor landscaping. This simple, but beautiful plant requires full sun exposure and their growing season begins in early summer and ends in early fall. The shasta daisy is a quadruple hybrid from the oxeye daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare), English field daisy (Leucanthemum maximum), Portuguese field daisy (Leucanthemum lacustre), and the Japanese field daisy (Nipponanthemum nipponicum). Because of this, the shasta daisy can use sexual reproduction to reproduce. This means that you can plant shasta daisy seeds and the hybrid will be produced. 


To successfully sow shasta daisy seeds, you need to take the following into consideration before the planting process begins: 

  • Shasta daisies require full sunlight. Therefore, you should choose a planting spot where full sunlight is available during the day. 
  • Shasta daisies grow best in well-drained medium. If you are planting directly into the ground a loamy soil will work well. Growing in a clayey environment will not be beneficial for the plant. 
  • Shasta daisies require moderate fertilization. You do not need to add much fertilizer to the medium. 
  • Shasta daisies should be planted in spring or early summer. They can be divided up to late summer. 

The Process of Planting

  • After choosing an adequate location, loosen the soil in the spot you would like to plant the seed. 
  • The seeds should be placed 1/8th inch under the soil and lightly covered. 
  • The area should be kept moist until germination occurs. 
  • Germination should begin within two weeks of planting the seeds. 

Once seeds have sprouted, they can be moved to provide more space for the plants. To successfully move and care for the plants: 

  • The recommended age to move shasta daisies is three years. The plant is fully developed and has flowered. 
  • To move the plant, first, loosen the soil in the desired area. Plants should be planted about one to two feet apart. 
  • Dig into the soil approximately twelve to fifteen inches. 
  • The plant should be placed with the root system level with the soil surface. 
  • Gently fill in the space around the plant. 
  • You should try to divide shasta daisies every three to four years in the correct growing seasons.