Classroom Tech Tools Masterlist

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Every efficient classroom should be utilizing tech tools to improve students’ tech literacy skills and provide organization. Here is a master list of my personal favorite tech tools:


Note Taking/Organizing

Engaging Students

Assessment Tools

Cloud Storage


Photo Editing

Graphic Design


Scheduling & Reminders


Online Classrooms

Class Websites/Blogs

Word Maps

Chrome Extensions

Education News for Teachers

Teacher Resources

The Ultimate Amazon Classroom Wishlist

One of the best ways to get resources for your classroom in the form of donations is by creating an Amazon Wishlist. This lets your parents, community members, and other supporters know what you need in your class and gives them a simple way to donate and get the supplies sent straight to you. Here, I have compiled a list of classroom essentials you can add to your Amazon wishlist to get yours started. Just follow the links and add them straight to your wishlist!

Student Supplies:


Teacher Tools:

Safety & Room Modifications:

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Tech Tools for a Modern Class

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It’s 2019 if you’re not using tech tools in your classroom, what are you doing?! Using technology in class helps to develop computer literacy skills in students of all grades and can be used in pretty much any classroom setting. Tech tools make your lessons more interactive and fun. What student doesn’t love the opportunity to pull out their cell phone and not get in trouble for it?

Here are a few of my favorite tech tools that make your class look super modern and fun:

1. Kahoot

Kahoot is an interactive assessment tool that lets students go head to head answering questions that you create. Students earn points for every correct question they answer and for how fast they answer. Plus, Kahoot comes with some pretty catchy music to get your class excited about the game. Kahoot is perfect for interest approaches, quick assessments, and as a review of content. If you don’t want to make your own Kahoot, you can search through hundreds of games made by other users. The best part is it’s free to use!

2. Quizizz

Another quiz game that students can join using their cell phones is called Quizziz. Quizziz not only allows you to create review games, but you can also create polls. This tool is really easy to use, and like Kahoot if you don’t want to create your own there are many many pre-made quizzes to choose from. Quizizz is also free to use, but you must prove that you are affiliated with an organization to create a teacher account.

3. Wizer

Tired of dealing with mountains of worksheets to grade? You need to check out Wizer! Wizer lets you create super cute electronic worksheets for your class. You can choose from a wide variety of question types from multiple choice to short answer. Selected choice questions are auto-graded so you can get grading done fast! This application is free to use, but your account can be upgraded to access more features.

4. Pear Deck

One of the easiest ways to make your PowerPoint presentations interactive and fun is to integrate Pear Deck. Pear Deck allows you to insert questions, polls, interactive maps, and so much more directly into your PowerPoints. You never have to close out your presentation. Answers are collected in real-time so you can immediately check for understanding. Pear Deck keeps students focused on your lesson and adds some excitement to lectures. Pear Deck is free to use.

5. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a super easy way to organize all your classroom assignments, grades, attendance, and announcements for your class. You can create your own page for your class that includes resources and assignments. Students are added to the class via email and can download the app to their phone to access assignments outside of school. Google Classroom is free to use with your Google account.

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How to Get FREE Worksheets for Your Classroom

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Making worksheets for your students, regardless of grade level, is a long and tedious process. Most worksheet end up being put together last minute in a word document. Here’s how to find worksheets for your class that are already made, easily edited, and way cuter than any word document.

Using Canva to Make Worksheets

I use Canva for pretty much every graphic design need I have. It’s free to use with hundreds of pre-made templates and images for you to use. It lets you edit your work online and download it to the size and quality you need. Canva really is a teacher’s best friend when it comes to organizing a classroom and catching students’ attention.

To find free printable worksheets for your classroom, go to and make a free account so you can easily keep track of your work. Simply type “worksheet” into the search bar on the home screen and a ton of pre-made templates will show up. Choose whichever one fits your needs and edit it on the spot. There are a bunch of free design tools and some for purchase. Then save your download your design and print! It’s the fastest way I’ve found to make great worksheets in no time.

Using Google Drive Templates as Worksheets

If you aren’t using Google Drive yet, what are you doing?! Google Drive is a super easy and free way to create documents, share them with others, and collaborate with your students. On top of all the awesome feature that Google Drive offers, there are hundreds and hundreds of free templates on the template gallery that make creating worksheets for your class super easy. Some are made by Google and some are made by users. All of them are easily edited and can be downloaded from Google Docs to your computer.

The Google Drive template gallery also has a a ton of other free resources that can be used in your classroom. These include lesson plans, resumes, schedules, and even Excel templates for grading.

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7 First Day of Class Ice Breakers!

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You made it to the first day of class! Your classroom is organized, your desks are in order, you’re so excited to start off this year right. What better way to start than with an activity that will get your new students as excited as you while giving you the opportunity to get to know them. Here are 7 unique and easy ice breaker activities you can use on your first day of class!

1. About Me Jenga Game

Wanna get your students out of their seats and engaged on the first day of class? About Me Jenga is the game for you! To prepare, write getting to know you questions on each of the Jenga blocks. Stack your blocks in threes, changing the direction they are facing for each set, to make the tower. Have your students take turns removing a block and answering the question on it. The goal is to keep the tower from falling!

Materials needed:

  • Jenga game or 1.5cm x 2.5cm x 7.5cm wooden blocks (as many as you need)
  • Marker
  • Questions

2. What’s in a name?

This game is super simple and requires no materials! Have students say their name along with a word to that starts with the same letter as their name. This word can be anything from animals to foods to book titles. Example: Alex Aardvark, Bella Bee, Carter Catcher in the Rye. The next student has to say their own name with an associated word and then repeat the names of all the students before them. The last person has to repeat everyone’s name and word.

3. Getting to Know You Musical Chairs

Give students the opportunity to get to know each other with musical chairs – with a twist! Instead of having one less chair, have the exact amount of chairs you need for the whole class. Under each chair, there will be a notecard with a get to know you question on it. When the music starts students walk around until the music stops. They grab a seat and then read and answer the question on the bottom of their seat to the student on their left or right. It’s helpful of the teacher plays along as well so they get the chance to hear from students also!

4. Who’s who?

At the beginning of class, have students answer some questions about themselves on a notecard without including their name. (Make sure nobody writes anything they wouldn’t want shared to the class.) Shuffle up the notecards and read them one at a time. After each card is read the class has to guess who the mystery person is.

5. My Life in 30 Seconds

Get your students up and in front of the class with this ice breaker! Give students some time to prepare a 30 second skit, song, or dramatic reading about themselves. You can have requirements for what needs to be included or let students have free range. Each student then presents their story to the entire class while being timed.

6. PechaKucha Introductions

PechaKucha introductions are fast way to get to know your students and introduce them to technology in your classroom. Students have to create a 20 slide PowerPoint about themselves with each slide set to 20 second transitions. They then present this PowerPoint to the class. The catch is there can be no words on the PowerPoint, only pictures!

7. Campaign Speech

Let students write “campaign” speeches about themselves. Now, this doesn’t (and probably shouldn’t) include anything political, but instead make it about the class. Have students introduce themselves and say what they can bring to the class and what they’re excited about. There won’t be any election at the end, but you’ll have a better understanding of what your students care about and what they want to get out of the class.